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Harriet Horne

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Mollusk Magazine –

The magazine was created by myself 'Thomas Miller' and my flatmate 'Cameron Orr' but we have had so much help in making the magazine a ...

Maria Fascione – Q&A

So, for the second Q&A we tried something slightly different - a video interview. This has always been the direction that we wanted to take the Q&A ...

Designer Life – Barry Strachan

Hi all! I'm Barry Strachan. Self confessed typography geek, creative warrior with a penchant for a bourbon biscuit. ...


Sharing the experience that these designers have to the wider audience to inspire future talent.


What is CBF

We like to think of it as a big game of Hide & Seek. Looking out for the little known and the under appreciated and generally giving applause to cool stuff we like.

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